There are many aspects that can make an Ireland Golf Trip one to remember. Listed below are our top 5 which we continuously hear back from clients on.


  • The People

The first aspect that makes an Ireland Golf Trip great, is the people. Ireland is renowned for its habitants and level of hospitality. Visitors are often shocked at how genuine and helpful Irish locals can be. From the waiter in a restaurant or the Golf pro you are greeted by when walking into the club house. They are there to add to your experience and make sure you are enjoying yourself. This is why we often recommend for our clients to hire a caddy for their rounds. Not only do they help you navigate the courses, more often than not they will be full of knowledge on the surrounding area and really add to the experience of golfing in Ireland.


  • The Culture

This is just expanding on the first point a bit more but for those that go out and experience all that Ireland has to offer, they find themselves coming back to Ireland again sooner rather than later. Irish culture is like no other and we always encourage visitors to mingle with the locals and head to Irish Pubs and restaurants to try and take it all in. There is no lack of atmosphere in Irish pubs, along with live music on most nights so be sure to venture out of your hotel room in the evening. Depending on the time of the year as well, the GAA season could be in full flow in Ireland which is always a favorite among visitors to go and experience.


  • The Sights

Third on our list of what makes an Ireland golf trip memorable is the sights. Whether you are based in the midlands or along the coast for any duration in your trip, there is abundance of sights to see across the whole of Ireland. Each one more spectacular than the last. There are Castles, Whiskey Distilleries, history tours or geographical anomalies. A little bit of something for everyone to keep you occupied while off the golf course. The likes of the Cliffs of Moher, the Giants Causeway and Guinness Storehouse are all sights known worldwide. Sliabh League Cliffs and Downpatrick head are just as magnificent and off the beaten track. So be sure to venture about and take in as much as you can, this country is like no other and offers unique experiences from all corners.

 5 Things that make an Ireland Golf Trip great, North & West Coast Links Golf Ireland

  • The Weather

Now this one may be the most surprising to be put on this list. Ireland is notoriously thought of as a wild and wet country where the sunshine is only seen on rare occasions. This coined the term then ’it would be a great country if you could put a roof over it’. However, this is not the case more often than not. We do not claim to have the climates of Italy or Spain but the unpredictability is what adds to the ambience and attraction of our country. Visitors come over to experience Links golf in its fullest form which can be with the sun shining for your Drive and the wind knocking you over by the time you are on the green. Those that embrace the weather conditions for what they are,  are more likely to enjoy their golf trip.


  • 19th  Hole

Last but by no means least; do not be afraid to enjoy a drink or two while on your Ireland golf trip. All of the golf courses have impressive club houses with a restaurant and bar waiting for you after your round. Be sure to relax with the members and enjoy a few cold beers while discussing wayward drives and missed putts. At the end of the day you are on vacation and you should always leave time to relax and reminisce.

5 Things that make an Ireland Golf Trip great, North & West Coast Links Golf Ireland