Smaller ball, smaller target and a different setting entirely, but Steph Curry will be hoping the result will be the same this weekend.

Tomorrow morning Stephen Curry will tee off in his first professional golf tournament, entering the field of the Tour’s Ellie Mae Classic with the help of a sponsor’s exemption. Curry is better known as the face of the NBA team, Golden State Warriors, where in recent years he has accumulated 2 championships and 2 MVP trophies to his repertoire.

Curry would be renowned as one of the NBA’s top golfers and currently has a handicap index of +0.1. However, its one thing to go out on a Saturday with a group of friends playing, and its another thing to go up against 140 professionals who play the sport to try and earn a living. Even if he does manage to play some spectacular rounds, its tough to see Curry keeping pace with actual professionals of the sport.

There was controversy originally when Steph Curry was given the sponsors exemption, a vast majority saying that it was a joke and that the position should be given to an aspiring golfer. Then again, his involvement in the tournament is generating a tremendous amount of excitement and intrigue, which is making a normally passed over tournament be talked about with added interest.

Some will remember a similar type of stunt pulled a couple of years ago when Hall of Famer receiver, Jerry Rice, decided to try his hand at the sport. Unfortunately for Jerry he bombed out in most of his appearances but Steph will be hoping for a different fate. He is younger and in the prime of his athletic career, as well as having far more knowledge and experience about the game. The stunt has even attracted bookies to lay out odds on potential scenarios over the weekend. Curry is +1500 to make the cut which really tells you how little of chance the NBA star is given.

Whatever the scorecard, Curry’s involvement is sure to draw a large audience to the event along with copious amounts of media attention.