1. What time of year would you like to travel for your Golf Vacation to Ireland?

Are you looking to travel in the summer months to try and catch some sunshine or would you like to choose the shoulder months, April & October, to try and keep costs down. May through until August give you the best chance of nice weather in Ireland but there is never a guarantee. This time of year is incredibly busy in Ireland and availability quickly becomes an issue. Shoulder season is often cheaper and has considerably more availability in both hotels and courses.

  1. What region do you want to visit?

Ireland looks deceptively small on a map, but it can take hours to travel from one area to another due to the countries infrastructure. We suggest breaking Ireland up into a couple of trips in order to properly experience each region to the fullest. There is the SouthWest, North West, North of Ireland and then the East Coast. There is no point trying to include too much in one trip . You do not want to be stuck in a vehicle for hours each day.

  1. What courses do you want to play?

There are 100’s of courses in Ireland ranging from local Parkland courses to some of the finest Links Courses in the world. Ask yourself, what type of courses you would like to play and if there are any specific ones. If you want to include the big names of Royal Portrush, Royal County Down, Ballybunion, Portmarnock etc. Then you need to be planning your trip almost 15 months in advance to avoid disappointment.

  1. How long do you want your Golf Vacation to Ireland to be?

Depending on far you are travelling to the island of Ireland, you may want a longer vacation than some. Europeans often come to Ireland and might stay for only 3 or 4 nights since their flight time is so short. Those coming from Australia then look to stay for up to 3 weeks exploring the country due to the length it takes to travel here. North American trips can vary from 7 nights up to 10+ nights. It varies on how much golf you would like to play and how much you would like to see.

  1. How many rounds of golf would you like to include?

Again, this varies for each person. Some people want to play 36 holes of golf everyday for their whole trip. Then you have people who would like to play every 2nd day. To allow for plenty of exploring and non-golfing activities. Purely down to your own preference.

  1. Are you going to choose a self-drive option or a Chauffeur vehicle for your trip?

Unfortunately, Ireland doesn’t have adequate public transport options throughout the country so if you plan on travelling around, then you must choose a self-drive or Chauffeur transport option. Self-drive gives you quite a lot of freedom as you can come and go as you please. But the Irish roads aren’t for everyone and it may be disorientating driving on the other side of the road (depending where you are from). Chauffeur Drive allows you to sit back and relax a lot more on your trip and not worry about which turn to take constantly. This is particularly popular among larger groups.

  1. What type of accommodation would you like to stay in?

Ireland offers an incredibly high standard of accommodation throughout the country and truly spoils you for options. Would you like to stay in a resort, a castle, a 4-star hotel, 5-star hotel, B & B, Lodges, Holiday homes, Guesthouses etc.

  1. Are caddies and buggy’s a necessity at the courses?

Depending on what courses you are looking to play, some of them might not offer buggy’s or a caddy service. So you need to ask if these are an important aspect to your round. 90% of the larger courses in Ireland now offer buggy’s, some do require a medical certificate to operate, however. Caddy’s can be arranged at most courses in Ireland as well if the proper notice is given

  1. Do you want to travel a lot, or would you rather be in one hotel?

Depending on your length of stay in the country, you may wish to stay in one hotel for the duration of your stay. Or you could travel between several hotels during your stay.

  1. What kind of non-golfing activities would like to include?

If there are sights and experiences you would like to incorporate into your trip to Ireland, have a look on the map and see if it will be possible to visit during your stay. Sights such as the Cliffs of Moher and the Giant’s Causeway are extremely popular worldwide but depending on what region you are looking to visit; they may not be on this year’s Golf Vacation to Ireland.