This is by far the most common misconception clients bring to us when they are looking to book their golf trip to Ireland. Whether it is trying to play 36 holes every day of your vacation, travelling upwards on 4 hours every day in a car or simply not allowing for time to relax in your itinerary. Everyone does it. People feel as though they are wasting their holiday, if they are not guilty of one of the above.

Primarily, North & West Coast Links organize golf vacations and packages to Ireland with a minority of non-golfing or sight-seeing holidays as well. When people arrive on a golfing holiday, they feel that unless they are playing golf for every hour of sunlight, they are wasting their opportunity. We would strongly recommend against this. Half of what Ireland has to offer is the experience and a cultural aspect like no other. By all means play your round of golf a day, even 36 holes some days if you insist, but take a day or two off in the middle of your vacation in order to recharge and more importantly, relax. There is far more to a golf trip in Ireland than just the golf courses you play. We are blessed to have many world renowned sights and experiences throughout our country and a culture that is unlike any other. Take a slight detour from the main road, down the beaten track, and you will be amazed by just how beautiful Ireland truly is and what more it has to offer besides its magnificent golf courses.

Traveling 4+ hours every day to your next destination, just saps the life out of your trip. This is primarily one of the main reasons we use hub locations for golfers. It cuts out so much unnecessary travel in order to be slightly nearer to your next round of golf. People are under the illusion that Ireland can be covered in a couple of days. Unfortunately, this is not the case, unless you are willing to spend the majority of your holiday behind the wheel of a car. Ireland is going nowhere, so do not be afraid to visit one area of the country and when you return (which you will) you can explore another region. This allows for more time to explore and relax in the region, while also playing some courses that may not have been on your immediate radar.

Your Golf Trip to Ireland should be one of the highlights of your lifetime and no matter how it goes, we have no doubt that it will be. We have 30 years in putting together golf packages to Ireland and are always looking out on how we can make the whole experience better for all our clients. Don’t try and take on too much, give yourself time to sit back and appreciate whats in front of you.

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