1.      Hire a Caddy

Be sure to request a caddy at each course when golfing in Ireland, especially on courses you have never played before. Not only will it help keep your score down but it will make your round highly enjoyable. The best thing about Ireland is its people. Caddies can often give you an insight into the history of the course and the country itself. The rounds you spend with a caddy, are the ones you will remember more fondly.

Top 5 Tips for Golfing in Ireland, North & West Coast Links Golf Ireland

2.      Pack your wet gear

The most important piece of advice on this list by far. The beauty of links golf – the towering sand dunes and the beautiful scenery with waves crashing along the shore, all come at a price. The weather is as unpredictable as it comes which often leads to strong wind and rain making an appearance at least once during your round. Be sure to pack your wet gear to keep you remotely dry and covered from the elements.

3.      Bring Extra Balls

Unlike parkland courses where trees and water hazards are your main obstacles, on many of Ireland’s links courses you will have rough consisting of thick marram grass which will swallow your golf ball whole. On courses such as Rosapenna – Sandy Hills, stray but a little from the narrow fairway and you could be left searching for your ball for a considerable length. You may not lose one ball in your round some days but you can never be too careful.

4.      Embrace the weather

Touching on point No.2 a bit more, if you are looking for hot weather, sunshine and calm breezes then you would have journeyed to the likes of Spain or even states such as Florida etc. Whatever Irelands courses throw at you, it is best to just embrace it. Some days the sun could be splitting the rocks whereas other days the wind will be knocking you sideways. Take it all in as part of the experience. Once your out on the course, the scenery and beauty of true links golf will takeover.

5.      Enjoy yourself

Last but not least, enjoy yourself. Get to the golf course early and tour the club house. Enjoy a couple of drinks in the bar afterwards. Chat with its members. Joke about wayward drives. In short, enjoy yourself. This may be a once in a lifetime experience so be sure to make the most of your golf trip to Ireland.

Top 5 Tips for Golfing in Ireland, North & West Coast Links Golf Ireland