We are all experiencing a change in lifestyle at the minute, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy one of your favorite sports. Here are a few reasons why a game of golf should be next on your list.  


Keeping Active.

In the current climate, it is very important that we keep active. Golf is a great way to keep active and we can maintain our Social Distancing while playing. It is a sport that gets every part of your body moving and can last for hours. It is a great way to improve muscle tone and endurance by focusing on walking, swinging and putting.  A game of golf a few times a week will definitely help your well-being.

Good for your mind.

Golf is not only a physical sport but a mental one too. Playing golf requires a certain amount of concentration and memory. It improves accuracy, has a lot of focus and is also a great stress reliever.

Appreciate Nature.

Any sport or activity that encourages you to be outside is a great one. Golf creates a great opportunity for people to be out in the fresh air, which improves everything. It takes place in some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, many of which are right here on our doorstep. It is a great way to appreciate nature.

Improve Sleep.

Spending a full day out in the open fresh air and exercising will have you ready for a full night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep will help every aspect of our lives. Being well-rested will restore energy and improve your body’s focus which in turn will lead to a positive outlook which is very important at the moment.

Keep swinging, keep your distance and enjoy your game.